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A Happy Ending for Flute

15 March 2016
A Happy Ending for Flute Flute came to us as a very frightened young kitten along with his sister Flossie. She was the more confident of the two and once she found a home, poor Flute was left all by himself.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of his foster carer, Flute gradually came out of his shell and began to learn that people aren't so bad after all! In just a few short weeks he transformed into a confident, affectionate little kitten and it wasn't long before Flute found a loving home of his own.

Here he is settled into his new home. He can't wait for the day he will be let outside and can start exploring the world beyond the window!

If you are interested in adoping a kitten (or an adult cat) from us please do get in touch on 01970 822120 or email us cpl.aber@gmail.com