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A happy ending for Milo

17 February 2016
A happy ending for Milo When lovely, handsome boy Milo was diagnosed as FIV positive, we knew he would have to wait a little longer than most to find his forever home. 

FIV is a virus, similiar to HIV in humans which can affect a cats immune system and make them more suceptible to infections and disease, however many cats can live very long and healthy lives without showing any signs of illness.

Due to his FIV status Milo needed a very special home with someone prepared to keep him indoors, and with no existing cats. Fortunately Milo had his loving, affectionate personality in his favour and it didn't take too long for someone to fall for his charm.

A wonderful home has now been found for Milo and we hear that he has well and truly made himself at home. He is very much loved and spoiled, with two beds and blankets to choose from, although it seems he prefers the sofa!

If you feel that you could take on an FIV positive cat please do get in touch with us on 01970 822120 or email cpl.aber@gmail.com

Further reading: http://www.cats.org.uk/uploads/documents/cat-care-leaflets-2013/VG09_Feline_Immunodeficiency_Virus_(FIV)_and_Feline_Leukaemia_Virus_(FeLV).pdf